Psychotherapy is a collaborative process where you and I will work together to help you succeed through transitions, get the most out of your relationships, and find greater fulfillment in your life. You will be met with warmth and compassion so that you are able to explore your feelings openly in a safe, non-judgmental space. I work from a relational and psychodynamic perspective, which often stimulates discussion around your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, in order to identify unwanted repeating patterns in your life. In addition, I pull from a variety of evidence based practices, which I cater to each individuals needs. 

Individual Adult Therapy


Individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes and are generally scheduled on a weekly basis. For more intensive treatment, some patients are seen multiple times per week. This can be decided within the first few consultation sessions when we will discuss what kind of treatment is appropriate for you.

Couples Therapy


Couples therapy is for two people in a committed partnership who are seeking guidance and support in their relationship. Couples sessions are 60 minutes and are scheduled on a weekly basis. Often during couples therapy, each partner will meet with me individually in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the treatment.


Group Therapy


Group therapy is usually comprised of six to ten people who all share a similar interest, struggle, or issue they would like to work on with the support of peers. This is especially true for those who are affected by addiction disorders. Some groups I have facilitated are Emotions in Recovery and Affected by Addiction: Partners, Friends, and Family Members of Addicts.


Phone/Skype Sessions


Phone and Skype sessions can be scheduled for those people who cannot physically come to my office for a session. These sessions are usually the same duration as a face to face session. Phone and Skype sessions need to be scheduled in advance.


I offer individual and/or group clinical supervision for psychotherapists. I provide a safe and confidential environment where each therapist is able to reflect on and discuss their work as well as their personal and professional responses to their practice.


Psychotherapy and Services Offered


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